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BoomZista Institute
The Short
BoomZista is a not-for-profit corporation founded in Vancouver, Canada. We were created with the objective of saving the planet through research, publication, education and dissemination of science! If you are interested in helping, please contact us here (

The Long
Our name “BoomZista” comes from the Persian for “The Living Earth”. The idea for our name came from the theory proposed by James Lovelock, who suggested that all the organisms on Earth interact with each other like the body of one large organism, dubbed “Gaia”.
The idea for our organization was created after a friendly discussion with a student at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. The concept of our institute matured after constant discussions with fellow researchers and experts. Our team is composed of students, scientists, researchers, and nature lovers!

Our logo was carefully selected, with each colour representing an essential part of our planet. The blue represents the sky we are all under and the oceans filled with life, green for the plants that are integral for the Earth’s survival, and red for life and fertility.

The sea turtle, the symbol of BoomZista Institute, is one of our planet’s most ancient species. Sea turtles have been around for longer than humans, and therefore have witnessed all the changes brought about through our development; they have also witnessed the devastation caused by our actions. Although they have existed long before humans, they are already nearly extinct due to our interference. Pollution and fishing have devastated the population of sea turtles, which is why we have chosen them as our mascot. As a grandfather that bore witness to all our discoveries and pitfalls since ancient times, they deserve to be conserved.

We created this organization with the goal of saving our planet. We will approach this goal through education, particularly kids and youths, as well as scientific research. As an international organization, we want to be able to help every country around the world.

To achieve our dreams, we need your help. Please contact us here ( if you want to be part of our community.

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