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Ideas & Innovation
“No one can save our planet without imagination, new ideas and innovation.” -BoomZista team

One of the original designs for BoomZista Institute logo

BoomZista team welcomes any innovative and creative initiatives related to the nature and the earth. Such ideas and innovations will hopefully help people and communities understand more about our planet, and facilitate/speed up saving the earth. The strength of our institution is rooted in the unique ideas and concepts that individuals regularly bring forward, regardless of their interests, cultural and educational backgrounds, age, race, gender, gender identity, and other social dimensions. For this reason, we have launched this simple ideation process; we will be especially happy to benefit from the ideas and creativity of kids and youths. This is one of our great efforts to promote and enhance the flow of ideas and innovation, and encourage all the people who care about our beautiful planet.
BoomZista Team is Looking for Your Ideas and Innovation
If you have a new idea or concept for a product, service, etc., please take a few minutes and send its details briefly to us, in one page (one-two paragraphs), through email ( Our specialists in BoomZista team will review all submissions on a regular basis.
Some Examples of Ideas and Innovation
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