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When you become a BoomZista member, you are helping advance save our planet the Earth on global scale. Our planet needs the urgent helps of all of us regardless of the age, race, religion, culture, gender, level of education, nationality, etc. 
Membership connects you with a community of your peers and other leaders in many fields related to the nature and the Earth, offering:
  - Greater access to the related science and activities
- Increase the opportunities in performing Collaborative activities
- Networking and Volunteer opportunities 
- Professional development and mentoring
- Discounts on educational resources
- Discounts on publishing in our Newsletters and Journals
Join today to ensure a bright future for yourself, our next generations and our planet the Earth. 
Member Benefits
• Free BoomZista webinars (see Education)
• Discounts on interactive BoomZista workshops and courses (see Education)
• Registration discount for BoomZista meetings and conferences (see Education)
• Publishing discounts in BoomZista Journals and Newsletters
• Discount on Advertising
• Pre-requisite for establishing establish a BoomZista Branch in your home town
• Discounts to post jobs on the BoomZista Job Board (see Careers)
• Full access to search Professional & Expert members to connect with leaders in all the areas related to the Nature and Earth
• Email newsletter, journal articles, highlighting current BoomZista events and society updates
Membership options
Grown-Ups (25 years and more) : CAN$ 61-80
Youths (13-24 years) : CAN$ 37-50
Kids (0-12 years) : CAN$ 12-26
o If you are residing or working living in a Developing Economy country, we offer Developing Economy Discounted Membership.
o If you are working or studying in university, college, institute, company school, kindergarten, etc., and want to apply a Group Membership application, we can offer Group Discounted Membership.
Whenever you have any inquiry or question about Membership, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

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