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Department of Nature-Based Child Development

”Children do not learn from nature, yet they grow alongside it. Creation of such relevance, is the turning point of a child's development inspired from unconditional flourishing and adoring entire elements of the nature; history's greatest emotional bond!” -BoomZista team

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Psychologists agree that psychological phenomena and their changes are the result of the interaction between the human organism and the environment. Barker says there is a special relationship between the physical aspects of architecture-space and behaviour. As a matter of fact, each person's behaviour is somehow influenced by the person’s environment. We, humans, deeply understand the environment where we are through our senses, and think and reason about that through our intelligence and memory. A child also communicates with the world around through the five senses.

Thinking needs a stimulus and something to keep going. The stimulus can be a story, an issue or a question. Nature, in addition to being a platform for reinforcing and occurrence of other stimuli, is saturated with a great diversity of questions and answers, and is a safe place for stimulating a child's senses. All of us need nature for our normal development, and so do children! Indeed, a child's cognitive development process accelerates in natural environment where it provides a space for imaginative games and sensory stimulation. In this situation, in addition to learning how to communicate with their surroundings, a child 's mind goes to a series of challenges, and sensory experiences also lead to deeper learning.

Nature is the source of inspiration and exploration for children. Having a chance to explore nature increases concentration and learning capacity, reduces attention deficit, and results in an increase of consciousness in children. Nature strengthens the five senses of children and teaches them how to apply these senses more effectively.

Aims and Missions
The main goal of this department is to enable children to interact spontaneously, curiously and full of fun with nature, and to provide them with the experience of nature in the form of individual and social activities by relying on the five senses. Learning occurs not only through hearing and seeing, but also through tasting, smelling, touching, and feeling; so, we’ll try to make an experiential opportunity for children to explore and learn freely in natural environment. In such spaces, children can take steps to promote responsibility, social relationships, and cooperation through interactions with other children of the same ages, and finally learn that they must respect all the elements of nature.

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