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As discussed (see BoomZista History and About pages), research and education, and dissemination of science publicly are the only ways we can go through to save our planet. Saving the Earth, the most important Mission and dream of us and many people around the world, do not come to an end unless we change our Vision and belief that one-dimensional thinking is not the answer of solving the problems we are facing in the earth as these issues have been made from different aspects and dimensions, and this, a multidisciplinary approach is needed.

We, BoomZista team, think that all areas of science and knowledge somehow relating to nature, or those which can facilitate our goals, from art, culture, psychology, social science, economics and even politics, to chemistry, biology, health and ecology, to name but a few, should be applied to improve life on earth. Achieving “sustainable development” and “sustainability” will be at the heart of our efforts.

For this reason, we are trying to set up and organize a variety of departments related to nature in BoomZista Institute (see the links below).

To achieve our dreams, we need your help. You can join us for a variety of Volunteer activities, helping in our Research topics or performing Collaborative research and publication, publishing your opinions, research results, scientific stories, etc. in BoomZista Journals and Newsletters, and doing many similar activities. If you want to be part of our community, please contact us here (

If you want to join and collaborate with each of the departments of your interest, please send us an email here ( or see Contact page.

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