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Department of Green BioResearch

"Our world is built on biology and once we begin to understand it, it then becomes a technology." -Ryan Bethencourt

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Our world is indescribably made on biology, and novel technologies have tremendous effects on whole life. So, we can build a new world by integrating biology and technology. This integration, which is known as green bioresearch, presents plenty of features to human beings and all organisms that live on the earth such as caring for diseases, eradicating poverty, eliminating pollutions, and aging gracefully, to name but a few. In fact, it is likely to change our lives and society more than anything else in the coming. A revolutionary millennium is beginning!

As it turned out, although walking in this path, which is an unbounded field with lots of innovations, opportunities, and novelties, has lots of unique attractions, firstly, the meaning of green bioresearch and all available disciplines/potentials related to green bioresearch should be recognized.

What is Green BioResearch?
To answer the question, we will particularly discuss this word that is divided into two terms: “green research” and “bioresearch”. In a strictly scientific sense, the meaning of green research is the creation of products that are more environmentally friendly with using of technology and science to reduce the research footprint on the environment sustainably. In addition, bioresearch is referred to the study of the nature of all living organisms.

Fields of Interest
Green bioresearch is considered as a multi-disciplinary field with an edge of science approach. Currently, it is to be presumed that a variety of interests and activities are directly/indirectly linked with this remarkable field, including (bio) chemistry, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and biofuel that could really have significant effects on the growth and introduction of this infinite world.

There is no room for doubt that one of the areas of interest in the world is worthily green bioresearch, not because this field will be able to minimize environmental hazards and prevent all organisms from considerable risks, but because it can lead us to a new world by developing and modifying different sciences and technologies for saving our planet the Earth without any degrading environment, increasing pollution, and facing extinction.

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